NewSound has taken part in Charity event held in Mongolia to mark 70th anniversary of China-Mongolia ties

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Update time : 2019-08-12 13:32:00
"Friendship Bell."
China's Enlai Foundation andthe Mongolian Ministry of Labor and Social Protection organized a charity eventhere on Aug 2nd to celebrate the long-standing friendship between the twocountries.David Yu, the CEO of NewSoundhearing aid accompanying with officials from China andMongolia attended the event entitled "Friendship Bell.""The event is part of aseries of activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment ofdiplomatic ties between China and Mongolia." Chinese Ambassador toMongolia, Shen Qing told the media during the event.Hearing-aid kits, schoolbags,sets of drawing supplies and other necessities worth 1.28 million yuan (184,500U.S. dollars) were handed over to the Mongolian side.


NewSound donated 200 hearing-aid kits onthis trip.
       "This donation is vitalfor our country's children with hearing impairment. We will give them tohearing-impaired children from poor families," Sandag Tungalagtamir, headof the Population Development Department at the Mongolian Ministry of Labor andSocial Protection, told Xinhua media.Mongolia has more than 11,500disabled children, including some 700 who suffer from hearing loss, accordingto the official.


NewSound always organizes and takes partin social welfare activity actively. NewSound donated 200 hearing-aid kits onthis trip.

With the core mission “SimpleHappiness”, NewSound sincerely believe that such a simple hearing device willbring the most happiness to the user.

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