NewSound's Hearable series hearing products were showcased on Amazon Prime Day

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Update time : 2022-08-30 13:35:55



Official data released for this year's Amazon Prime Day always attracts attention, but results this year exceeded expectations. Due to COVID-19, inflation and other variables, sellers’ expectations were not high for this year's Prime day.



During product development, NewSound adheres to technological innovation, based upon user experience, which allows us to develop hearing aids that are easy to use while providing users with a better experience.


Our chairperson, David Yu, believes that every person with hearing loss deserves their own hearing aid, and one worthy of those in need. NewSound’s 30 years of industry experience ensures that users get what they need—and want.


NewSound created the concept of Ready-To-Wear hearing aids and launched the universal ear canal device in 2008. NewSound followed this remarkable achievement with a rechargeable initiative in 2012, progressing to lithium rechargeable in 2015.



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1)    2008—Created and launched Ready-To-Wear hearing aids


2)    2012—Initiated rechargeable hearing aid project


3)    2015—Launched lithium rechargeable hearing aids


4)    2018—Lead the development and launch of software for self-adjusting hearing aids


5)    2020—NewSound launched remote fit technology



NewSound also began to explore Hearable hearing solutions in 2014, launching the POCO Z invisible ear canal device series, the POCO X Hearable earbuds series, and the BW TV listener series. These developments earned NewSound an excellent reputation in the industry. NewSound is loved by its customers for meeting a variety of needs and providing a variety of options.


This Amazon Prime Day saw NewSound’s products garner a great deal of attention, achieve excellent sales, and enter the best seller ranks.


Chairperson Yu reported he was thrilled that the products NewSound developed were loved, and more importantly, that people with different needs were helped. NewSound will continue to pay close attention to user needs and insist on continuing technological innovation to bring superior, affordable products to users.

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