The 19th anniversary celebration and staff skills competition have successfully ended.

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Update time : 2023-05-18 15:19:20
NewSound Technology Co., Ltd. celebrated its 19th anniversary on May 12, 2023. The occasion was marked by a reflection on the company's journey thus far, an acknowledgement of its present status, and a reaffirmation of its original aspiration. To drive continued growth and progress, the company organized a skill competition for its employees, showcasing their talents and encouraging knowledge exchange.

Over the past 19 years, NewSound Technology has continuously evolved and grown in Xiamen, a breathtaking coastal city. Acquiring knowledge from external sources and conducting internal self-reflection, NewSound has always been committed to technological innovation, and has emerged as a leader in China's hearing aid manufacturing industry. With over 70 effective national patents and numerous cutting-edge scientific and technological projects taken up in Xiamen, NewSound has been at the forefront of industry-firsts and has opened up new avenues for technological advancement in the hearing aid industry. As a result, Xiamen has established itself as a thriving hub for hearing aid manufacturing, with a comprehensive supply chain integration.

 To uphold technological innovation, compliance with industry laws and regulations is foundational. New Sound has always rigorously produced professional products with this principle. During the 19th anniversary celebration, the Personnel Department hosted an employee skills competition in collaboration with the Manufacturing and Quality Control Departments. The goal was to inspire employee work style, promote skill exchange, enhance technical abilities, and lead by example. Founder Yu Shihu presented awards to winners and teams after delivering the opening speech. This event better infused the enterprise development concept into the hearts of every employee.

Participants in this competition assembled the in-demand product model EX2 through individual and team competitions. Tasks included welding, wiring, testing, and finishing. Each team devised its own strategies for the finals. Monetary incentives were awarded to the top 3 individuals and teams. NewSound's vision is to improve people's hearing with economical, effective, and user-friendly products. Innovation and dedication are key to this mission. NewSound remains committed to helping people hear better.
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