Liang Jinnan: Bringing beautiful sounds to the under-privileged, hearing impaired in the border regions

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Update time : 2020-05-21 13:10:00

Liang Jinnan joined NewSound Technology Co., Ltd. inJuly of 2009, as a Market Technology Manager and Senior Fitting Technician. Since joining NewSound, he has provided fitting services for tens of thousands of customers. Liang Jinnan enjoys a number of leisure activities, but his favorites are photography, playing the guitar, and playing the Sheng, an ancient flute-like instrument.




When I joined NewSound in mid-August 2015, the first colleague I met was Liang. He was a tall, gentle, and kind man, who had just returned from a business trip in Xinjiang, during which, he participated in charitable activities for hearing impaired. The hot sun of the plateau explained Liang’s deep tan.


Later,I learned that NewSound sends Liang to Xinjiang to participate in charitable outreach to the hearing impaired at least once each year. As a result, he has traveled to most of the mountainous counties in Xinjiang over the past decade. One can only imagine the discomforts of that sixty to seventy-hour train trip fromXiamen to Xinjiang, and Liang’s tall frame curled up in the narrow sleeping berth of the train. Despite the obvious hardships, my friend and co-worker has been a willing, even eager participant since beginning his career in 2008. In each of the past 10 years, on behalf of NewSound, he has traveled to Xinjiang, bringing hearing aids and fitting services for the hearing impaired, poor people of Xinjiang.


Over the years, Liang has experienced more than discomfort. I remembered once, while in Hutubi County, he was limited to communicating in sign language because of the language barrier. Another time, while visiting Altay, an elderly man grasped his hand forcefully. Much to Liang’s relief, he learned that the old man was only expressing his gratitude! Liang’s worst moment, however, occurred during a security incident in Xinjiang, where he was literally trapped in his cramped hotel room for three days and nights! 


I still recall the time Liang was describing a scene from his charity work. A 40 to 50-year-old woman had suffered from a severe hearing impairment since her youth, but took no remedial action whatsoever.When Liang fitted her hearing aid, the woman suddenly screamed, “I heard it!”, scaring the pants off my friend Liang. Later, he explained to me that many hearing-impaired patients in these remote mountainous regions have had no opportunity to receive any kind of hearing assistance, and, as a consequence, many people have been deaf for a lifetime. These are people who desperately need government care and intervention.




I told my friend Liang that he and our company, NewSound, are doing good deeds, and that virtuous people reap worthy rewards. My friend Liang only smiled humbly.






After that, on April 2, 2018, the Xinjiang Turpan Radio Station released a newsletter entitled "Xinjiang's FirstAdult Hearing Rehabilitation and Social Sharing Conference Held in Turpan". In it, the newsletter described 10 years of NewSound’s public charitable activities for the hearing impaired and disabled in Xinjiang.


Suddenly,I was overcome with emotion. Small businesses like NewSound, and obscure hearing industry practitioners, such as my noble friend Liang, have been doing charity work for decades. Although we are too weak financially to donate millions of dollars like the corporate giants, however, we know that a pair of hearing aids could change a person's entire life. Who can say that our contribution is of less importance? Isn’t it nobler to reach into one’s own pocket to help the needy, than it is to reach into someone else’s pocket?


Liang Jinnan represents the very best of NewSound, fulfilling the original mission of NewSound, which is to bring the miracle of hearing to the ordinary people ofChina. We are making good on our promise, and making their dreams a reality.


Liang says, “These occasional discomforts and personal inconveniences are a small price to pay for the opportunity to bring such positive change to the lives of these people.”


In my view, Liang Jinnan is a hero.





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