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Experts from WHO Collaborating Center visited NewSound

November3rd, the Chief Expert of WHO Collaborating Centerfor the Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Impairment, Dr. Peter WAlberti and Director of WHO Collaborating Center for the Prevention ofDeafness and Hearing Impairment, Prof. Xingkuan Bu visitedNewSound. They visited the Production Center, Custom Center and the QualityControl Department.


Dr. Peter W Alberti is the Emeritus Otolaryngology from Universityof Toronto, Chief Expert of WHO Collaborating Center for the Prevention ofDeafness and Hearing Impairment. Dr. Peter W Alberti hasworked in the Otolaryngology region for decades, and has made significantcontribution to the hearing career of China. During the visit, he tried onNewSound products. He showed appreciation on the good sound processing fromNewSound products and he thought they would help many hearing loss people gainbeautiful life.


Xingkuan Bu, MD. is a famous Otolaryngolory from Nanjing University,Director of WHO Collaborating Center for the Prevention of Deafness and HearingImpairment, Vice President of Hearing International. He is one of importantpeople who opened the China hearing career. He spoke highly of what NewSound isdoing and the standard NewSound insists. Also he hopes NewSound would consiston providing good and affordable hearing aid and hearing protector for Chineseand worldwide people.

Duringthe reception, NewSound received lots of approval, and after the reception, NewSoundwould raise more demands for itself. NewSound has been devoting to offeringgreat hearing aids and personal sound amplifier with affordable price to thehearing impaired around the world. That is a wonderful career needs non-stopeffort.

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