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NewSound demonstrated new technology on EUHA2017

EUHA was carried out expectably from October 18th, 2017 to October 20th, 2017. As one of the most important conference of hearing aid industry, EUHA gathered professionals and active companies together to share new ideas and new technologies. NewSound took part in this annual event as usual and demonstrated new technology on the conference. 

NewSound announced that the development of App control hearing aid is almost completed. NewSound is one of the pioneers who have made the App control hearing aids workable with both IOS and Android smartphone. App control hearing aids bring more opportunity for users to hear what he wants to hear.

The user can customize the hearing mode by linking hearing aid to the App on a Bluetooth Smart Device. The App is easy to use, so everyone can perform a simplified and easy hearing evaluation. And then SoundWear App could customize the hearing aid settings and give users comfortable hearing experience. 

Another important activity is NewSound Joined Award-Winning Clementine Wear Audio Platform. NewSound is the first manufacturer to join the Clementine Wear Audio Platform, which recently won the 2017 National Science Foundation’s Hearables Challenge. Clementine Wear was developed by Samplified Audio, an Ontario, Canada-based company. Samplified Audio company demonstrated this new innovative technology on NewSound booth.

Both of these two technology attracted many eyes on the conference. Many company show high interest on them and looking forward for the marketing.

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