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NewSound's 2nd Sports Meeting

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To celebrate the 13th anniversary of NewSound, there was a series of activities held during the celebration week. NewSound’s 2nd Sports Meeting was held on May 20th. The theme of this year’ sports meeting was “ Work happily and Live healthily”. NewSound believe that work and life are the most important things for a person, and they would make the other better when they get into good balance.
Before the regulation competition, the CEO David has gave a competition guidance and wished a safe sports meeting. The competitors and audiences were all full of passion, though the weather was not so good.
The sports meeting organized five main competitions, they are Sprint Relay, Badminton game, tug-of-war, Slow-bicycle, and Rope skipping. Every winner of each competition was highly praised and cash rewarded. Everyone in NewSound showed high enthusiasm of the sports meeting, and NewSound hearing aid will carry out a better one in next year!