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What advantages of in-the-ear hearing aids?
Enhance the acoustical effect
Increase the output volume          
Improve the direction        
Eliminate the noises caused by wind            
User-friendly wearing of hearing aid

What is the frequency range of the hearing aid?

  The frequency range of hearing aid means the working frequency for hearing aid which can increase the sound. 
The acoustic measurements for the basic frequency curves is: Calculate the average gain of 1khz;1.6hz & 2.5hz, and lower down 20db to make a horizontal line which has two cross point with basic frequency curves. These 2 points are low frequency line and high frequency line of effectively amplifying range. It is an important indicator of hearing aid quality, the general frequency range of hearing aids should be at least 300-3000Hz. Better ones could be up to 80-8000Hz

Tinnitus keeps troubling, gets healed but come back again?

Question: I have 2-3 days continuous tinnitus, a morning of days after, when I get up, comes below symptoms: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes can not get up, even I can not open my eyes and feels like in an earth-shaking. Then I go to hospital, and took a cervical spine film, found everything is normal, later I was hit a bit fluids, the symptoms eased. However, after not so long a time, these symptoms come back again with same cause of Tinnitus, after 2days rest in bed, then feel better, but it will surely come back, so what can I do?

Answer: According to the symptoms you described, it could be considered to be vertigo syndrome, also known as Meniere's disease. Our suggestion is: you can firstly turn to ENT doctor, and do some the vestibular function and other tests to see if there is hearing loss symptoms, if any, shall be ENT disease; if not, may consider medical syndrome, can be to the neurology clinic.
Vertigo syndrome occurs mainly in middle-aged people, caused by lymph increased in the inner ear and higher pressure. It is inner ear function problem, mainly cured by drugs. If patient getting worse and can not cured by drugs, then he should go to hospital for a surgical treatment. During the recovery, patient should be better take more rest, low-salt diet and less water, what’s more, should keep optimistic and cheerful, because if in long-term depression, it will bring negative side to the recovery.

“Learn more about hearing aid "series--take impressions

Under below 2 conditions, you will be required to take impressions.

Need Ear mould for the BTE hearing aid. For more comfortable wearing hearing aid, you will be suggested to make a customized ear mould for your BTE hearing aid.

For customized hearing aid. Customized hearing aid also known as in-the-ear hearing aid, it is small inside of your ear, so will not shown outside of the ear. Doctors will take impression for you, and send the impressions to professionals in ear-lab and make them to be customized shell, which all of the Mic; Receiver and Hybrid is in the shell.

The steps of take impression:
Before taking the impression, you will be required a fully hearing test and ear canal checking, and will help clean cerumen of ear canal.

Step 1: Put the thread with sponge into the ear canal as below picture shows, this is for better taking off the ear impression in the final step.

The steps of take impression:step 1

Step 2: Put the impression materials into the syringe as below picture shows. The impression materials all are import from Germany which is tested by the professional audit organization and proved to be harmless to human skin.

The steps of take impression:step 2

Step 3 & Step 4:
As below pictures show, make sure the impression materials has been correctly put in the syringe, and inject it into the canal gently.

The steps of take impression:step 3    The steps of take impression:step 4

Step 5 & Step 6:
When in injection, patient should be reminded that do not make any facial moves and no talking. Therefore the impression materials could be injected correctly into your canal. After the injection, stay still for 5 minutes.

The steps of take impression:step 5   The steps of take impression:step 6

Step 7:
Your doctor will taking out off the impression by pulling out the thread with sponge. An impression of your canal is perfectly done.

The steps of take impression:step 7


   The steps of take impression