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The founder of NewSound, Mr. David Yu, entered the hearing aids business in 1992. He worked at multi-national hearing aid corporations as the global production manager for 12 years.

In 2004, NewSound was founded by David Yu with the promise: Create better hearing aids with the newest technology and quality workmanship, and offer products and service to all the hearing impaired in the world at the best price. It is David’s dream that every single hearing impaired person can buy a quality and comfortable hearing aid easily from anywhere in the world.

For years, NewSound has striven to deliver a complete auditory solution portfolio from design, operations, and production. We now have more than one hundred different hearing aid models, certified by the CE and the FDA, which are distributed over all the major markets in the world.

Thanks to years’development, NewSound has become an important player in the global hearing aid market. Each and everyone within NewSound will work fully in line with the promise for better service our clients. 

USNewSound LLC All rights reserved

USNewSound LLC All rights reserved