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How high-end medical equipment breaking the monopoly

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How high-end medical equipment breaking the monopoly of transnational corporations
Year 2014 is Chinese Medical Equipment Policy Year, the National Health and Family Planning Commission recently started working elections of excellent domestic medical equipment, the new policy will support domestic medical devices.
YU SHIHU, NewSound’s CEO said, our overseas sale in 2013 was very good. The reason is that the digital industry is a new industry, does not need traditional enterprise brand with years cultural heritage to do, the enterprise will be able to come to the fore as long as the technology is in place. ", now high-end medical equipment companies need state support, one kind of business is to buy foreign components to assemble their own products, the state should support the national corporate purchasing components. Some national companies develop their own product. Now the National innovation Fund was established to support the enterprises, but the support funds were not in place.

--Reported by QQ News, Edited by NewSound