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The Result of “Top 10 Torch Youth” Announced

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The Result of “Top 10 Torch Youth” Announced

David Yu, the founder and general manager of NewSound, and other 9 outstanding young persons who established their business and work in Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Area, has received the honor of “Top 10 Torch Youth” given by the Working Committee and Youth Federation of the Area.
The “Top 10 Torch Youth” were elected among many outstanding candidates after a fierce debating competition. Some of the winners were model workers who made significant contributions to their work, some are pioneers of the entrepreneurs who started from nothing but ended up a billionaire. By their own effort, not only did they reach the summit of their lives, but also bring vitality to the development of the Hi-tech Industrial Area.


--Reported by People’s Government of Xiamen, Edited by NewSound