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Who We Are 
NewSound, a manufacturer of advanced hearing instruments, is headquartered in Frederick, MD, USA. The company operates a manufacturing base in Xiamen, China. NewSound has chain stores throughout China in more than 300 domestic locations. Through partnership and cooperation, NewSound has more than 20 distribution centers worldwide, including USA, Brazil, France, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Malaysia and other parts of the world.

Our Philosophy
 * NewSound is for MORE people everywhere.
 * CONVENIENT&EASY is what we feature in our products.
Since founding the company in 2004, everyone in NewSound has been constantly working  with our Mission—to create better hearing aids with the latest technology and to satisfy  more hearing impaired people around the world. 

What We Offer
Dedicated to this Mission, we offer  a full range of hearing aids in all sizes and models that suit every need and every lifestyle of our customers. Featuring CONVENIENT in buying, using and daily maintenance, Our products have successfully and pleasingly entered in more than 50 markets worldwide. Over the years, our unique and optimal hearing solutions for first-time wearers and those with limited budgets are winning more and more praise. Furthermore, by means of our expanding offices and online service, more and more people in the world are enjoying NewSound’s professional and comprehensive service, enjoying new lives.
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